Video Balun Network Transceiver with Video Audio Power Connectors CAT5/CAT6 to BNC 4 Pairs


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  • Spec 1CH Passiv Power/Video /DATE PVD Video Transceiver
  • Transmits audio, video and power over a single cable
  • Better EMI and RFI interference rejection than coaxial cable
  • Sends video up to 1,000 feet via inexpensive cat. 5 twisted pair cable
  • Lower cable cost: The cost of baluns plus Cat. 5 cable may less than traditional wire. Especially for high cost Plenum Coax cables

Publisher: Merry Shop

Details: Model(LLT-)LLT-213 Spec 1CH Passiv Power/Video /DATE PVD Video Transceiver Video Frequency respons: DC-6Mhz Common-mode/Differential-mode Rejection: 15khz -6Mhz 60dB typ 60dB typ Audio/data YES Power NO Impedance Coax,male BNC:75ΩUTP(Screwless)Terminal Block or UTP RJ45 Data Connector:100Ω Wire type One Unshielded Twisted Pair 24-16AWG(0.5-1.31mm) Per video signal:DC Loop Resistance 52 ohms per 1,000 ft(18 ohms per 100m) Surge suppression -------------- Control NO UTP Port RJ45 Dimensions(mm) 43*20*2.1 Weigth(g) 35 Environment Temperature:-10~+50℃ Humidity:0~95% Package includes: 4 Pairs Connectors

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