VGA + PC Stereo Audio HDTV Video Extender Receiver + Repeater over CAT5 SB-6210R


Product type: Comp Accessories

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Brand: Shinybow


  • VGA RGBHV Video and Audio CAT5 Receiver with 1x CAT5 Input, 1 VGA + Audio Output and 1x CAT5 Loopout
  • Category UTP cable maximum length VGA (640x480) up to 1000ft, SVGA (800x600) up to 600ft, XGA (1024x768) up to 450ft, UXGA (1600x1200) up to 300ft, WUXGA (1900x1200) up to 100ft
  • Tint and Brightness control. LED power ON indicator
  • Easy to install and highly reliable. Brushed aluminum case with mounting brackets
  • Compatible CAT5 Transmitters (sold separately): SB-6110T, SB-6210T, SB-6310T

Publisher: Shinybow

Details: The SB-6210R VGA Video with Audio Receiver plus Repeater unit receives audio/video signals up to 300m (1000ft) using inexpensive CAT5/6 UTP cable. There are 2 CAT5 ports. The first inputs the signal from the transmitter which is then directed to a remote VGA with Audio display using a VGA cable. The second CAT5 port is a repeating loopout, which allows you to daisy-chain additional receivers and continue the signal for connection of additional monitors or displays. The SB-6210R is an ideal solution for receiving VGA with Audio signals sent from a remote audio/video source. Extenders are commonly used at restaurants, bars, clubs, and other HDTV environments for video broadcasting, such as remote monitoring, presentations, and advertising.

An extender requires both a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter (model: SB-6210T, sold separately) connects to the audio/video source and sends 2 identical CAT5 VGA + Audio signals to the remote receiver with repeating loopout SB-6210R. Please note that the VGA Transmitter is not included and must be purchased separately along with the Receiver for correct functionality. Please see model: SB-6210T.

EAN: 4718091621016