StarTech DVI to VGA Cable Adapter, M/F (DVIVGAMF)


Product type: Comp Accessories

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Brand: StarTech

Color: Beige


  • Connect your VGA Display to a DVI-I source
  • DVI to VGA Adapter / DVI to VGA Connection / DVI to VGA Cable Adapter
  • Converts a DVI Male connector to a VGA female connector making it the perfect solution for connecting your DVI-I desktop or laptop computer to a VGA monitor or projector
  • Molded Connector with thumbscrews
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Compatible with various computers such as ThinkCentre M93p / ThinkCentre M83 / HP ENVY Phoenix 810-209 / HP Pavilion 500-369 / HP ENVY 700-339
  • Look for "Ships and Sold by Amazon" to ensure you are receiving genuine product. Genuine products come in packaging.


Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Details: DVIVGAMFEnables converting an existing cable's male DVI-I connector into a male VGA connector Look for Branded Packaging - ensure you are getting a genuine product Connect Your VGA Display To A DVI-I source

The DVIVGAMF DVI-I to VGA Display Adapter (M/F) is used to convert a DVI Male connector to a VGA female connector and enables you to connect a Flat Panel Display to a PC or MAC computer with DVI-I output.

Constructed Of High Quality Materials

The DVI to VGA adapter is constructed of high quality materials to ensure dependability. Note: This product is intended for connections between DVI-I and VGA devices. If your device uses a DVI-D connector, please refer to's DVI to VGA Converter DVI2VGACON.

The Advantage

This product is a cost-effective solution for connecting a VGA display to DVI-I video card.

Product Features And Applications

  • Connect a VGA monitor to a DVI-I video card
  • DVI-I (Male) to VGA (Female) Connectors

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EAN: 0598458905386