SonicBl SupraMax 56K Internal PCI modem ( 90500030 )


Product type: Comp Accessories

Tags: Diamond



Brand: Diamond


  • Type - Internal
  • Port - PCI
  • Max Speed - 56 Kbps
  • Transmission Protocol - V.90, V.92 & V.44 ITU, V.34
  • - Sends and receives faxes with speeds up to 14,400 bit/s

Publisher: Diamond Multimedia, Inc.

Details: Diamond Supra unleashes the highest performance SupraMax modems with newly adopted ITU, V.92 and V.44 compression standards.SupraMax gives you the advantages of extensive analog access to the Internet with an added boost of speed over earlier standards. These improvements includes accelerated upstream data transfers (up to 40 faster), faster Internet dial-up connection times using an intelligent start-up sequence, and advanced compression algorithms that let you send common file type (such as HTML, e-mail, and executable files) more efficiently. The new Modem-On-Hold feature lets you receive incoming voice calls without dropping your current modem connections. And, because the SupraMax V.92 is backward compatible with V.90 and earlier standards, you can relax and enjoy faster Internet speeds without worry. (For more information on V.92 features, please see below.)

UPC: 018258009621

EAN: 0018258009621