Round Tropical Acrylic Box Clutch

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A Round Tropical Acrylic Box Clutch, trimmed with playful leopard or cactus, accented with charming silver leopard and green cactus.





Material: acrylic, black satin lining.

Designed In : USA

Perfect fit in iphone 6 and plus

Handling & Shipping Time:

 Handling Time:1 work day

Shipping Time :5-10 work days



Milanblocks design idea is inspired by tropical Life, our evening clutch focus is tailored to the bridal, prom, party, or formal event, but I can customize evening clutches for any occasion, or even for escapades around the big city.

custom box evening clutch price range is between $40 to $200 USD, depending on complexity of design, and time involved in its creation. I believe in providing an affordable price, and each bag gets the care and attention as if it were worth a million dollars.

 Each clutch is made from a wooden box, embellished with acrylic, glitter, pearls, gemstones, and whatever else I can innovate in my design studio.

 These custom box evening clutches each contain a part of my soul. Looking for something you can’t find on my site? Don’t be shy, Check out our Round Tropical Acrylic Box Clutch.

 Note: the heart on the clasp is not including with this bag