Maxell 625335 Recordable Cd (Audio Only)


Product type: Comp Accessories

Tags: Maxell



Brand: Maxell

Color: Multi


  • 700mb/80 Min
  • Will Hold Contents Of Any Full-size Cd
  • For 1-time Recording Only
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30-ct Spindle
  • Play back in most recent home, car, portable, and PC-based CD and DVD players
  • High-sensitivity recording layer
  • Jewel cases not included

Legal Disclaimer: Warranty does not cover misuse of product.

Publisher: Maxell

Release Date: 2003-07-01

Details: The music CDR is for audio recording only in CDR recorders. Once written, the information is permanent and can never be altered. When recording is complete, these CDRs can be played back on CD players, car CD systems, home stereo CD players and computer CDROM drives. These CDs conform to Orange Book Part II specifications. Manufacturers full lifetime warranty.

UPC: 617407407259

EAN: 0100177463292