HDMI Converter HDMI To 3 RCA Cable Universal TV Adapter Cable 3RCA 1080P Computer Projector


Product type: Comp Accessories




Colour: Black
Material: Braid + Metal
Protective cover: nylon mesh weaving
Core material: bare copper wire
Number of cores: 19 + 1
The largest diameter wire: 7.3 Mm
Line length: 1.5m
Interface: HDMI interface, RCA interface
Type: HDMI to AV, plug and play, high compatibility, experience HD quality
Applicable Devices: Adapt to all AV interface devices such as projectors, desktops, laptops, game consoles of various HD interfaces, DVDs and other HD players, monitors, TV sets, etc. transferred to the AV interface
Transmission: audio synchronization transmission
Main purposes: network set-top box to LCD TV connection
Product Size: 150 * 2 * 1cm