External Antenna Adapter Cable Pigtail (SMA) for TS9 USB Modems & MiFi Hotspots - AT&T MR1100 Nighthawk, MF985 Velocity 2, 340U Beam, AC815S Unite, Verizon USB730L, 7730L, AC791L, Zing 771S and others


Product type: Comp Accessories

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Brand: Proxicast


  • Connect from external antenna port on USB modems/MiFi hotspots to SMA connectors on antennas, etc.
  • Compatible with AT&T Nighthawk (Netgear MR1100), Velocity 2 (MF985), Beam 340U & Unite 781S , Verizon Wireless (Novatel) USB730L / 7730L & AC791L, Sprint 341U & Zing 771S and many other USB modems
  • 12 inches long low-loss coax and heat shrink on both ends
  • Highly flexible RG174 coax for tight installations
  • Also fits many Netgear, Novatel, Sierra, Huawei, ZTE and many other brand modems & hotspots

Legal Disclaimer: Proxicast brand products are sold only by Proxicast LLC. Other sellers claiming to offer our products are selling used, grey market or counterfeit goods. Proxicast's warranty applies only to products purchased from Proxicast unless otherwise noted.

Publisher: Proxicast

Details: Connects from the external antenna jack on cellular USB modems which have TS9 external antenna ports to an SMA Female bulkhead jack to provide an attachment point for external SMA Male antennas or other devices.

Compatible with:
• AT&T Nighthawk / Netgear MR1100
• AT&T Velocity 2 / ZTE MF985
• AT&T Velocity / ZTE MF861
• AT&T Beam / Netgear 340U
• AT&T Momentum / Sierra Wireless 313U
• AT&T Shockwave / Sierra Wireless 308
• AT&T Lightning / Sierra Wireless 305
• AT&T Unite / Netgear AC770s
• AT&T Unite Pro / Netgear 781S
• AT&T Unite Explore / Netgear AC815S
• AT&T Elevate / Sierra Wireless 754S
• Sprint / Netgear 341U
• Sprint / Netgear Zing 771S
• Sprint / Sierra 803S
• Sprint / Franklin U770/U772
• T-Mobile / Huawei E587 Sonic
• T-Mobile / Huawei UMG366 Jet 2.0
• T-Mobile / ZTE MF61
• Verizon JetPack AC791L
• Verizon / Novatel 551L
• Verizon / Novatel U620L
• Verizon / Novatel USB730L
• Verizon MiFi 4510L, 4620L, 6620L, 7730L
• Verizon / Novatel USB760
• Verizon / Pantech MHS291L
• Verizon / Pantech MHS700L
• Verizon / Pantech MHS800L
• Sierra 312U, 320U, 330U
• Many other USB modems and hotspots (except Pantech USB modems)

• Length: 12 inches
• Connector 1: TS9 - right angle
• Connector 2: SMA bulkhead jack (female)
• Coax: Low-loss RG174
• Impedance: 50 ohm

Pressing the connector into the modem too firmly can damage the modem. The connector is *NOT* designed to fit all the way into the modem's external antenna port. See the sample images for examples of correct installation.

UPC: 617237750204

EAN: 0617237750204