APC 11-Outlet Surge Protector 3020 Joules with Telephone, DSL and Coaxial Protection, SurgeArrest Performance (P11VT3)


Product type: Comp Accessories

Tags: APC



Brand: APC

Color: Gray


  • 3020 Joule Surge Protector Power Strip
  • 11 Total Power Surge Protector Outlets with Sliding Safety Shutters, 6 Outlets are Block-Spaced for Larger Adapters
  • Telephone and Co-Axial Protection against Power Surges along Data Lines
  • 8' Cord with 180 Degree Rotation and Right-Angle Plug
  • Lifetime warranty and $100,000 Equipment Protection Policy provides peace of mind

Platform: Windows

Publisher: APC

Warranty: Comes with Manufacturer Warranty.

Details: Damaging surges associated with lightning or utility problems can travel along your utility and data lines, damaging your electronic devices and destroying your valuable data. Even smaller everyday surges can degrade the performance of your electronics and decrease their life. The APC 11-Outlet Performance Surge Arrest Surge Protector (telephone/coaxial protection) offers the highest level of protection for your professional computers, electronics and connected devices, as well as provides surge protection for all of your data lines. Its state of the art circuitry provides protection for even the most sensitive electronic equipment.

UPC: 887169511093

EAN: 0885417249279